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    [b]Can Procrit raise blood pressure?[/b] PROCRIT is a man–made form of erythropoietin that causes your bone marrow to make more red blood cells. This, in turn, raises your hemoglobin level and may reduce the need for a blood transfusion. The rise in hemoglobin is not immediate. There are many different types of side effects that can occur with PROCRIT.
    [b]How expensive is Procrit?[/b] A 30-day supply of Procrit costs well over $2,000 and prices for Epogen average around $600 per month.
    [b]Where do you inject Epogen?[/b] Epogen can be injected directly into a layer of fat under your skin. This is called a subcutaneous injection. When giving subcutaneous injections, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions about changing the site for each injection. You may wish to write down the site where you have injected.
    [b]Can EPO be detected in urine?[/b] A blood screening was performed first, and a urine test was then used to confirm possible use of EPO. In June 2003, WADA’s Executive Committee accepted the results of an independent report stating that urine tests alone can be used to detect the presence of recombinant EPO.
    [b]What are the 3 types of anemia?[/b] They include: Iron deficiency anemia. This most common type of anemia is caused by a shortage of iron in your body. Vitamin deficiency anemia. Anemia of inflammation. Aplastic anemia. Anemias associated with bone marrow disease. Hemolytic anemias. Sickle cell anemia.
    [b]Is anemia a sign of cancer?[/b] The cancers most closely associated with anemia are: Cancers that involve the bone marrow. Blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma interfere with or destroy the marrow’s ability to make healthy blood cells. Other cancers that spread to the bone marrow can also cause anemia.
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