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    Letter of Recommendation Golfing With Strangers. The best place to get to know people just might be on the fairways of a public golf course. New evidence suggests a huge asteroid DID hit EARTH 12,800 years ago causing an ice age. Evidence to support the theory that one or multiple asteroids impacted the world leading to global cooling and theextinction of large animals has been uncovered at a site north of Pretoria, South Africa. ‘Year of the Return’ takes center stage at Accra Fashion Week. This year’s theme at Accra Fashion Week was the “Year of Return, Ghana 2019”, a campaign by the Ghanaian government to woo investors and tourists from the diaspora. Lauren Anthony reports. Labor may backflip and support laws making it easier to deport violent criminal immigrants. A new law to give the government more discretionary powers to deport convicted rapists, killers, pedophiles and violent thugs out of Australia may now be backed by Labor. Where should I take my girlfriend on her birthday Should you hug on first date From hands to the canvas Zanzibar’s women find new outlet for henna art. A group of Zanzibari women are transfering their henna designs onto canvas and paper for posterity and additional sales. Mia Womersley reports. Not Quite French, Not Quite Syrian Aliens Without Knowing Why. Mahir Guvens novel, Older Brother, traces the colliding fates of two young men, the sons of an immigrant taxi driver in Paris. Stop Asking if My 4-Year-Old Has a Girlfriend. Gender indoctrination for the pre-K set. Bondi Vet Coast To Coast to return on Friday with five new veterinarians from across the country. Fans won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy Channel Nine’s revamped version of Bondi Vet. Pregnant? Try Not to Sleep on Your Back. Pregnant women who slept on their backs were more likely to have babies with low birth weight. Lost Collection Paintings left on public transport are given their own show. A London gallery is showing 60 artworks, most of them unnamed, that have been stored away in Transport For London’s Lost Property Office since they were left behind. Its Turkeys Move. In a letter, the European Chess Union has said that the Turkish Chess Federation can bid on hosting the European Womens Championship, but it will not automatically restore its right to host the event after the Turkish Federation dropped it a month ago. The 50 best islands in the world for 2019 revealed, from Iceland to Washington State and Scotland. Islands from around the world have been ranked by a poll of more than 5,000 people. Coming out on top is Flatey, a tiny Icelandic island described as looking like a ‘movie set’. Long-lost Italian painting could fetch $6 million at French auction. A long-lost painting by a 13th century Italian master discovered in the kitchen of an elderly French woman has been valued at up to six million euros and will be sold at auction next month.

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